About us

ELAFONISI 1Camille, Dafni, Foivos, Iakovos and Zena started coming to Crete many years ago. Its natural beauty, climate and the strength that we gain from it, has led us to live in the village of Nopigia on the northwest coast and we are grateful for each day we spend here. In a landscape full of life and energy, we offer activities which are truly recreational. In addition, we give you a taste of the "other Crete” far from the crowds in the mass tourism resorts. Together we will walk, talk, paint, visit festivals, encounter Greek culture and gain an insight into the history of Crete. Our offer is particularly characterized by its personal character. Our goal is to offer our visitors a relaxing and creative holiday, which leads to a deeper relationship to nature and to themselves. This happens by what we do and experience every day together.
Stop and be quiet, listen to the waves, soak up the sun, feel strength and joy. Our holidays offer you not only a break from everyday life, but also an inward journey : a return to the basics and the simple things that can be experienced: the knowledge that it does not take much to feel Happiness.


Camille, Dafni, Foivos and Iakovos provide insights into the Cretan way of life and will show you the most beautiful places and beaches of the Kissamos area. The walking boosts your health and helps you find new vitality. You can immerse yourself in unspoiled landscape, in the smell of wild herbs; you can enjoy the sun and the sea!

ACTIVE CRETE is well known for its beautiful walking trails, the excellent quality of its painting workshops and yoga sessions and its "special holiday" feeling. Our relationship with the place, the people and traditions and our personal service will help you relax and enjoy an individual and very special holiday. 
You will enjoy the beauty and the peace of the landscape. You will benefit from the painting and/or yoga skills of our experienced leaders. You will refuel your batteries under the Cretan sun at the seafront.


Camille is our painting leader. She is an English artist who speaks Greek, English, French and a bit of German. She has had several solo shows and has taken part in many group exhibitions. Her work is in private and public collections and she has carried out many private commissions. She paints in oil on canvas or in watercolour or mixed media on paper. Her style is semi- abstract and full of colour although her classical drawing skills are more apparent in her watercolours.


Dafni does a part of our administrative work, leads walks and helps Camille organizing the painting workshops. She is a Biologist who speaks Greek, English, French and a bit of Arabic. She has spent every summer of her childhood in Crete and also studied at the University of Crete; she did her Master's degree in Sweden and Holland and has worked as a Biologist in Greece and Belgium. Traveling and walking in little known places is her passion; she has traveled in many countries of Europe and Asia. She is fascinated by other cultures.


Foivos is the director of Active Crete. He is responsible for the administration and finances of our company. He also helps in designing the standard holiday products but also custom made holidays on demand. He specializes in the cultural history of Greece. In his spare time he enjoys various sports such as cycling, trekking, swimming and gymnastics.



Iakovos is our walking leader. He is a Greek engineer who speaks Greek, English and German. He has been a walker all his life and had his first contact with the wonderful mountains and landscapes of Western Crete when he was a child. He is familiar with the local fauna and flora and knows where to find the endemic plants, and where to find the best herbs in season: mint, thyme, rosemary, capers and other greens. He has a detailed knowledge of the local history and culture.


Ζena designs our yoga holidays and teaches a blend of Hatha Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Bhakti Flow and Therapeutic Yoga. She is a fine artist, an art teacher, a cultural planner and author of a book on urban aesthetics and urban lighting published in the UK. For the past several years she has been working as an art teacher in public schools and as yoga teacher in private studios.