2016_0930grambousa0023Being together in the lovely varied landscape will help create a relaxed and supportive mood between members of the group so that when we paint or draw in the morning and the afternoon, the atmosphere will be perfect. Whether this is the first time you will have put pencil to paper or you often sketch, you will really enjoy this activity.

All painters are welcome and encouraged, but particular help will be given to beginners who wish to find their creative selves (*).

The artistic direction, by artist Camille Marquand (  will depend on your needs and level of artistic experience. For experienced painters, it will be a wonderful opportunity to gain fresh inspiration and to paint new subjects out in beautiful Cretan locations in the company of like-minded people. There will be an emphasis on enjoying each other’s support and exchange of ideas during the week.

And at the end, we will have an exhibition party to celebrate!

Basic drawing and painting materials will be provided; charcoal sticks, pastels and soft pencils, acrylic paints, brushes and suitable paper.

But if you would like to bring your own art materials here are suggestions for what to bring with you:

  • Oil pastels, watercolour pencils and/or a box of watercolours. Student colours are cheaper than artists’ and fine for starting with. If they don’t come with a mixing palette, you will need a plastic one.
  • Pad of watercolour paper (140 lbs); size of your choice but best not too small. You can always cut the sheet in half.
  • Brushes for Watercolour/Acrylic which should NOT be too small. Sizes from 10-20 are best and you need a two or three of different sizes, including a big ‘wash’ brush.

REMEMBER that any tubes of paint or bottles of liquid will have to go in your hold luggage (not hand luggage). Pack your brushes carefully so they don’t lose their shape.

(*) Below is an outline for a Beginner’s week:

  • First workshop: Drawing/ Picture construction
    You will feel comfortable enough to make your marks on the white paper & learn basic looking and drawing skills
  • Second workshop: Introduction of colour
    You will love putting colour into your picture, using shading to give depth.
  • Third workshop: Subjects
    Having found a subject to draw or paint from your walks, brought it with you or taken photographs of it, you will start your picture.
  • Fourth workshop: Finishing touches
    Further advice and exhibition preparation.


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