askisi-paraliaIn Active Crete's Yoga holidays, participants will have a revitalizing holiday experience. The daily practice of yoga and meditation in beautiful surroundings by the sea will bring out the joy and enthusiasm within us, and will show us the way to experience and appreciate the present moment as the ultimate gift of life.

During these days, we will practice yoga with mindfulness, safety and comfort. We will raise our awareness and activate our healing powers through different breathing techniques and meditation.

Our day starts early in the morning, with sunrise. Participants will be invited to gather quietly outdoors to start the first part of the programme, which will include a series of therapeutic breathing exercises (Pranayama) and a guided meditation planned to prime (warm up) the mind and body for the ensuing day. (We recommend that you follow this first part on an empty stomach).

During a short break between the first and the second part of the programme, we will enjoy a herbal tea.

The second part of the programme is the physical yoga practice, the Asanas. This part will be designed according to the theme of the day. Precise instructions by the teacher will help the practitioners to find the right alignment of their body within each posture, synchronise their breath with their movement, increase their flexibility, articulate their joints and strengthen their muscle tissue. By deepening their practice and strengthening their bodies, the practitioners will experience the free flow of therapeutic energy (Prana) reaching the furthest points of their being. The last asana (posture) of the second part is the Savasana, which is practiced by lying on the floor in complete stillness for a few minutes. Body, mind and soul are in a deeply relaxed state and in balance. While the calmness of Prana washes over their whole body, the practitioners will experience a deep sense of serenity, bliss and fullness.

Following the morning programme there will be time for brunch or an early lunch and there will be time for an optional walk or leisure until late in the afternoon.

The afternoon programme, which will take place before and during the sunset, will be gentle, restorative and therapeutic. It will include mainly Zen meditation, Nidra Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, and Yin Yoga. Other enjoyable activities and workshops will also take place, enhancing the feeling of connection among the members of the group.

In the evening, the participants will be free to relax, swim and eat at one of the tavernas nearby, which offer traditional Cretan food, as well as vegetarian options if desired (as recommended by the yoga teacher).

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