Sarena is a Holistic Yoga Teacher, Positive Psychology Wellbeing Coach and Healing Chant teacher.
She completed her in depth 500 hour, 2 year Holistic Yoga Teacher Training with the DevonSchool of Yoga (UK), which has its roots in the Dr Pillai tradition. Sarena continues herstudies with Kristine Weber, who founded the Subtle Yoga organisation (USA). Kristine is aleading world authority on the neuroscientific benefits of slow, mindful yoga. Additional yoga therapy training in “Yoga for Stress, Burnout, Chronic Fatigue and Long Covid” with the international renowned Yoga Campus training school ensures her teaching is tailored to an individual’s needs. For 25 years she has studied cross-cultural healing chant and sound with Dr Patricia Cook, PhD, at the Open Ear Center (USA), Dr Cook is an early pioneer in the research and education of cross-cultural sound and music in healthcare, wellness and education. Sarena runs groups, workshops, and retreats with chant and sound as the core theme. She is currently training as a Vedic Chant Teacher (in the Krishnamacharya tradition with the KYM, Chennai, India), and this deepens her understanding and knowledge of this important yogic path.
Sarena is known for her engaging and creative way of teaching, enabling participants to be actively involved in their journey of positive change. The founder and director of the Birch Moon Centre for Wellbeing & Resilience, she offers weekly classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats (UK and Europe).
“My style of teaching is rooted in ancient wisdom, supported by modern science. I’m a great believer in explaining the ‘why’…then there’s a light bulb moment, and motivationand inspiration are ignited. It’s not ‘my’ way – it’s ‘your’ way. Learn the building blocks,deepen and refine your practice, and then use your own intuition to explore in creativeways.”
An amateur photographer, charcoal artist, and garden “potterer”, walking with her dog in the Somerset (UK) countryside is how Sarena relaxes and finds inspiration for her work.